November 24, 2008

Modern women revealed

A study for The Sunday Telegraph has revealed values, habits and role models of the modern women. Considering myself a modern woman it's accurately scary. Feminist, preferring male bosses, living together before getting married, worrying for putting on weight, have been on a diet in the past, not settling for a man who's good enough, balancing work and home life, admiring Baroness Thatcher and thinking that George Clooney is attractive.
Almost two out of five women now see themselves as feminists

Nearly three out of four women would rather have a man, than a woman, as their boss.

Nearly half of women (46 per cent) think a couple should live together before they marry.

Four in five (80 per cent) say losing their health is their greatest concern, followed by putting on weight (52 per cent) and losing their job (24 per cent).

Nearly one woman in four (23 per cent) is currently on a diet and nearly three women in five (58 per cent) has dieted in the past.

More than one in five women (21 per cent) take no exercise during a week and less than one woman in 20 (4 per cent) takes seven hours or more of exercise a week (an average of an hour a day or more).

Two thirds (67 per cent) would rather hold out for the perfect, romantic partner than settle for a man who's "good enough".

One in five women (20 per cent) smokes, but nearly one in three (31 per cent) does not drink.

Fifty per cent of women are "very unhappy" or "fairly unhappy" with their body: virtually the same number (49 per cent) are either "very happy" or "fairly happy" with it.

Less than one woman in 200 (0.3 per cent) has had Botox.

Balancing work and home life was the main challenge (82 per cent) followed by raising happy children (56 per cent) and finding time for yourself (52 per cent).

Almost half of women (49 per cent) think that between 25 and 29 is the best age to get married, and an identical per cent believe that between 25 and 29 is also the best age to have children.

Nearly three out of five women (59 per cent) think fathers should take more responsibility for their children and two thirds of women (66 per cent) think it is better to divorce than to stay in an unhappy marriage for the sake of the children.

More than half of women (51 per cent) think it is best for a couple to marry before having children, while nearly two out of five women (38 per cent) think a woman should stay at home until her child goes to school. More than half of women with partners (51 per cent) say they currently do three quarters of household chores.

Baroness Thatcher is the most admired women (7 per cent) followed by the Queen (5.5 per cent) and Jordan/Katie Price (4.6 per cent).

The most admired man is Nelson Mandela (5.6 per cent) followed by Winston Churchill (4.2 per cent) and David Beckham (3.1 per cent).

The famous man that women find most attractive is George Clooney (8.9 per cent) followed by fellow actors Brad Pitt (6.1 per cent) and Johnny Depp (5.5 per cent).

Actress Angelina Jolie (9.4 per cent) tops the list of famous women that fellow females find attractive, followed by singer Cheryl Cole (3.9 per cent) and actress Catherine Zeta Jones (2.6 per cent).

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