January 12, 2009

Full head

Today was really my first day at my new job. Officially I changed position on January 1st, but then first with the holidays and then being ill today was the real first day. Even though I've been at the company for almost three years and I've worked with more or less the same things as now, there are so many new things I have to think about and do. Also it's hard to let go of the things I used to be responsible for. A couple of times I had to remind myself that I don't need to care what my team are doing. They know how to handle things without me...

I think I'm going to be happy with this new job. Not that I haven't with my old job, or at least most of the time... But here I'm going to work with what I know best, the Internet along with people who are as passionate as me and know what I'm talking about. And of course – the boys at IT. I loved working with them back at the production company and I love working with them now. Others see them as geeks and nerds but I find them very smart and quite funny. I guess I'm more IT than marketing and that's probably why I feel like I'm home now. It took a while and I had fun a long the way, but finally here I am.

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