January 11, 2009

Iron shopping

My iron gave up on New Year's Day after about 10 years of good service, so iron shopping was needed. Something I thought was going to easy. I mean it's an iron, how complicated can it be?! Little did I know... There is vertical steam, variable steam, mist and adjustable temperatures. Some irons looked like I was going to to be able to travel to the moon with them, others very tiny and others were incredible heavy. And the price varied from 20 dollars to 130 dollars.

When it come appliances like this I'm always lost because I want something that's simple but still reliable, and not too technical either. It should serve its propose but that's it. No fancy buttons or extra bling bling that I will never use. After being to three different stores (yes I'm crazy...) I found it. The perfect steam iron, at least for me, from Bosch. Just two buttons, quite light and with a good grip. Hopefully it will last for at least 10 years because it's a jungle out there. An iron jungle.

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