February 09, 2009

Dear Fatty

On Saturday I finally took the time and finished Dear Fatty by Dawn French. Her memoirs or autobiography written as letters to different people in her life. When reading the book I could definitely hear her voice and I laughed and I cried. Her letters to her dad were quite amazing and the thank you letter to Len made me cry like a baby. And of course the letter to George Clooney saying that things were over... Silly girl!

It was also interesting to read about her growing up as a RAF child, school, boys and other ordinary things in a young woman's life. All with that special sense of humour. At 19 she moved to London to go to college where she met Fatty (Jennifer Saunders) and the rest is history as you say. The Comic Strip, French & Saunders, The Vicar of Dibley...

British comedy at its best and if you're a fan this is a real good read.

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