February 01, 2009


I just booked a trip to London the first weekend of March and I'm as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve. Why is it like that? What makes me love London so much?

Since I never will be able to use my frequent flyer miles to go to New York, I'm spending some of them on London. I do have the mileage to go to NYC, but I don't have the money for hotel. Hotels there is even more expensive than London. Or maybe it's just that I know where to look and book when it comes to London?

Anyhow, a free flight to London town is never wrong and to make things even better I got a great deal at the hotel I'm always staying at. 15% off as gratitude of being a frequent guest. Yeah! So it will almost be a free weekend. Notice how I said almost... I have a feeling I'll spend way too much money as usual... But I'm very happy and excited, and I have something to look forward to. Only five weeks left.

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