February 02, 2009

I did it!

I finally made it back to the gym. About one month into the new year and one week later than I had planed. I just walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes but it felt good and then I did some sit-ups and push-ups. Not that many though... Way back in the good old days I did 100 without blinking every day. Now, hm about 10 I believe...

Last week I also managed to walk to work two times, and today as well. Or half way to work, the part when I should go on the tram. I used to walk that part in the evenings until they changed the tram last autumn and suddenly it was so much easier to catch the tram than walk. Or at least not as cold... It's still cold, but it has been nice to arrive at work with rosy cheeks and feeling both alert and happy that early in the morning. Also walking the last part through Old Town it's nice to see and feel how the city is waking up. In the evenings the streets are crowded but around 7:45 am it's just me, some people on bicycles and a few other walkers. A real nice way to start the day.

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