February 12, 2009

French Riviera

Last weekend I booked a trip to London and this weekend I booked a trip to Nice and the French Rivera. For the third year in a row I'm going away on a holiday by myself. Something that I have started to like immensely and really look forward to plan every year.

I've never been down to the Côte d'Azur before so I'm quite excited. There are easy train connections all along the coast so I'm planing on going to Cannes, Antibes, Monto Carlo and San Marino as well. I'm also planing on eating delicious French food, especially seafood, and try out some of France excellent wines. Mmm!

After spending the last two years' solo holidays in Ireland and Scotland with rain most of the time I for sure know that I will get plenty of sunshine and warm weather this year. It has probably 15 years since I was down by the Med the last time so that too is something that gets me excited.

I have to brush up on on French though. Spending all that time in Paris working made me actually manage to order in a restaurant, say hello, how are you and so on. Now I haven't got a clue to say... I also managed to get a bit of the French women's attitude "I'm the Queen, don't you even think about it..." So it will be very interesting to see if I still got it. Both language skills and attitude...

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