February 15, 2009

Talking to my little darling

I just spoke to my little darling Frida on the phone. 2½ years old now, she likes to speak to Trin and tell me all things she's been doing lately. Playing in the snow, spending the night at Grandma's and getting a big mirror in her room. When her mum, my cousin, said that she wanted to talk to me again, Frida just told her that she wasn't done talking to me. Both my cousin and I thought that was hilarious.

Her mum told me she is almost done with her potty training, but accidents happens sometimes when something else is more exciting than going to the toilet. So on my next trip to London in two weeks I'm on a mission to find big girl panties. Since Frida is so proud and happy to tell everybody who wants to listen that she got this shirt, pants or anything else from Trin, maybe big girl panties coming from me will take her that last bit. If not, a girl can never have too many panties...

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