February 23, 2009

One of those day

Today has been one of those days that just drags on and on and on... It took me forever to wake up regardless of my usual two cups of coffee. At at work I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing. Well, gap analyses are rather boring... Lunch finally came around and after taking a walk in the sunshine I hoped things would feel better. Not a chance.

The afternoon dragged on and I actually managed to finish one of the analyses before giving up and going to the gym. For a while I really contemplated skipping the gym and just go home and just crash on the sofa, but I didn't. There I did 30 minutes on the treadmill doing some sort of fat burning routine. To my surprise I had almost burnt as many calories as running, but not being out of breath.

Now finally home it's time for a long hot shower, before some dinner and then the sofa and mindless TV. Thankfully tomorrow is a new day and with some luck it will move a lot faster than today.

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