April 27, 2009

An experience richer

I'm all in for new experiences and all that, but today I think I had one that I necessary didn't need to have. I had an asthma attack. Thinking about it now I realise it was quite scary actually.

Still having trouble breathing and wheezing as I wrote about yesterday I decided for once to be safe than sorry. But still I was just going to call the doctors' office, because hey it really can't be that bad, can it?

I've been walking to work for almost three months now and love it. Not thinking about it I did it today as well. Well after 10 minutes I could really feel how the air was disappearing and I had to take deeper and deeper breaths. Another 5 minutes later I realised that this was not going to get better, just worse. I walk by the doctor's office every day and since I know they have walk-in clinic I decided to go there. When I finally arrived there (felt like an eternity) I was breathing like I had been running a marathon and I couldn't speak.

The nurse took just one look at me and the next minute I was seeing a doctor. Usually it takes at least 30-60 minutes before you get to see a doctor in a walk-in clinic The doctor was a very sweet old man who immediately very calm told me they were going to fix me up in no time. And they did. First I got to drink some stuff that tasted like cough syrup and then breathe into a machine with some other meds while a nurse sat next to me making me breath normally, and after a while I did. What a marvellous feeling!

All doped up and breathing almost normally, although a bit shaky, I then went to the chemist and picked up an inhalator and some strong anti-histamines that are suppose to do the trick. The anti-histamines are small and blue and look very much like another famous blue pill. But thankfully these ones have a S engraved instead of a V.

After the chemist I went back to office and then as the tension wore off I started to realise what had happened. Scary!

I feel pretty decent now, but when I went out for lunch and then later going home (took the bus) I immediately felt how I was chocking up, so I guess that inhalator will become my new best friend for awhile.

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