April 27, 2009

Love thy body

I guess all women have seen pictures of themselves and then decided to go on a diet. I know I have (those dreaded pics from my 30th birthday party...)

Having been up, down and now somewhere in between the last seven years I'm slightly coming to turns with the fact that I will never be one of those skinny women. No matter how hard I try, how little I eat and how much I exercise. It's not going to happen.

It's indeed a daily struggle to learn to love your body big or small. Some days are good and some days are not so good, but still in the end you are not your body size, no matter how much we are thought to believe so.

So when reading articles like this about
Kelly Brook I get upset and sad. Why can't she see what the rest of the world is seeing? She's gorgeous! And most of all I keep wondering what's wrong with today's society which make perfectly fine girls and women go on a diet because they believe they are fat? It's sickening!

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