April 07, 2009

One thing lead to another

Last time in London I picked up Katy Regan's first novel One thing led to another. Having followed her column in Marie Claire and then her blog I just had to buy her book. After all those years it almost feels like I know her...

The book tells the story of Tess who gets pregnant with her best friend and decides to keep the baby. Just like Katy herself, but the book ends maybe in a more conventional way than Katy's own story, but never less the book is great read on a Sunday afternoon. It's an easy book to ready and Katy Regan uses the same style as she does in her blog, engaging, funny and tells her own experiences which makes her very true to all women out there. We are not the only one thinking and wondering what might be or come. We are normal and see a sister in both Tess and Katy Regan.

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