April 09, 2009

Quick exit

Earlier today Britain's top counter-terrorism officer Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick resigned after a blunder that again makes you wonder how top secret material are handled in the UK.

Yesterday the Assistant Commissioner was photographed with top secret paper clutched under his arm which forced the police to forward and anti-terrorism operation in the North West of England.

A nightmare for any detective I would say, but doesn't working with top secret papers means that you should be extra careful? Or is that when you do it on a day to day basis that you forget about it? Everybody else around you handles those papers too so you don't need to think about being careful. But still leaving the office with those papers out in the open and then getting out of car at Downing Street which is always full of photographers. Not smart and as the head of anti-terrorism Mr Quick should know better. So anything else than resigning wasn't really an option. But what a way to end a career. With a rookie mistake.

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