May 17, 2009

Max Manus

On Wednesday I was invited by a friend, who has some sort of connection to the Norwegian consulate through her job, to the grand opening of the Norwegian film Max Manus. The biographical story of Max Manus and other brave men who was part of the Norwegian resistance movement during WWII.

Before the film started
Gunnar S√łnsteby, one of the last resistance men still alive was interviewed. 91 years old but still with a strong voice and crystal clear mind he talked about the resistance and what it meant for Norway. Watching the film it felt a bit strange to know that one of the characters actually was there in real life. He had been part of all of this and the story is true. They fought hard, brave and many of them got killed.

The film is important for both Norwegians and Swedes. In Norway one out of every fourth person has seen the film and I hope the same happens here. My generation really hasn't got a clue what went on during the war years. I have heard amazing stories from both my sets of grandparents but most of their generation are gone now. Both my parents were born during the war, but don't remember much, so it's films like this which tells us what went on and how incredible brave people were.

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