June 21, 2009

Adrian Mole's latest diary

With an extra long weekend I managed to do a bit of reading. Always nice and especially when it's pouring outside.

Last time in London I picked up
The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole, 1999-2001. I was probably about 10 or 11 the first time I read Sue Townsend's first book about Adrian Mole. Then I didn't pick up on the cynicism and critics of Thatcher's England, but I loved to read about him, his big love Pandora and his very dysfunctional family.

Over the years, which probably is 25 years by now, I've read all his diaries over and over again. Laughing out loud and as an adult understanding the sarcasms which are hilarious.

This book has been published in a British newspaper before, but for me it's totally new and Adrian is the same. His yearning for Pandora, his attempts at wring fiction and his dysfunctional family now including his two sons as well.

A new book which most likely takse Adrian in to his 40's will be out during the autumn. I can't hardly wait to see what he has to say about mid-life.

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