June 22, 2009

The world at war

My step-father has always been a WWII buff and as retired he has now even more time on his hands to read and watch series and films about his favourite subject.

I find it rather interesting too, especially since both my sets of grandparents now are gone and can't tell stories any longer. But what they did tell was truly amazing and heroic in many ways and it makes me realize how good things have become in only about 60 years. In the 1930's people were fighting for jobs and bread. Today we complain if the bread is one day old in the shop...

My step-father's latest finding is the full DVD-set of
The world at war series. An 11 discs documentary narrated by Laurence Oliver made in the early 1970's. I borrowed discs 1-3 this weekend and so far I've seen the first one. Very interesting and for me also a lot of new information. This series really goes down deep to explain why things happend in a certain way. It's also quite fascinating to listen to real persons who where right there. Just like my grandparents, even though I think these people saw a lot more action and misery.

So with 10 more discs to go I think I will be busy the rest of the summer. Perfect for a rainy day or two during my holiday.

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