June 24, 2009

Summer traditions

During the year I usually don't watch that much TV. Maybe a two or three series (now with ER gone I'm really sure what I'm going to watch) and half the time I miss them because I end up falling asleep on the sofa.

During the summer at least Swedish television becomes rather dull and boring. They expect most people to be out and enjoy the lovely long days. But there are a couple of things on TV that comes on every summer. Crime and detective stories. Especially British who's-done-it stories that I just love. Nothing really happens and halfway through the show you've figured out who the murder is, which is some sort of comforting.

So last night it was time for the season première of
Midsummer Murders and true to my own traditions I fell asleep. Some guy got murder at a golf club that all I know... The same on Monday when an Italian detective story was on. Some traditions really need to change.

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