July 05, 2009

To Holland

With one more week to work before annual holiday I'm off to Holland in the morning. Probably on one of the earliest commercial flights out of the airport – 6:30 am. Eeek! Even worse is that I will have to get up about 4 am. At least it's light outside...

At Schiphol we'll take the train out to our Dutch port Hoek van Holland for a meeting before going back to Amsterdam in the evening for another meeting on Tuesday. I've never been to Holland before (yes, I know...) so that will be a bit fun even though I have a feeling I'll only see some conference rooms, the hotel and maybe a restaurant. They joy of travelling for businesses... But I shouldn't complain. It gets me out of the office and I do have a great job doing what I like to do most – working with the constantly changing Internet.

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