August 11, 2009

Snacking habit

I just realised today that I have a bad snacking habit. The minute I leave the office I can feel how I suddenly crave something to eat and I need to put something my mouth right this minute. This means I usually buy something on the way home. Most of the time chocolate but also nuts and dried fruit that I love or some sort of bar. If I don't buy anything I raid the cupboards when I get home. I usually don't need much, just something to keep me going.

I think it's my blood sugar talking. I know that I have very low blood sugar. Twice at the annual health checks at work the nurse has asked me if I have skipped breakfast since my blood sugar has been so low. So I guess it's not very likely I'll get diabetes in the coming years...

Needless to say I want to break this habit. This is probably my real down-fall after a day of good eating and the pounds are packing on. I'm starting to wonder if it isn't a bit psychological too since I can eat an apple 10 minutes before I leave the office but still need something to pick me up on the way home. Or maybe it's only a real bad habit... Thinking back I remember doing the same thing when coming home from school. Maybe I need to feel some sort of comfort or reward that the day is over?

What have gotten me thinking as well is that in France for a whole week I didn't crave chocolate or any other snacks. I just ate three times a day. Plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, meat, cheese and wine. I did have desert every day, but it was more like the last touch of a fabulous meal, not that I was craving and needed something sweet. Back home again, it took me one day and then I was into the chocolate again. I know some people say that Mediterranean food is very good for you and I'm starting to think it's true.

So what to do?! I seriously need to think about this. The first choice would be to move to France, but since that's not possible... The second best would probably be to go cold turkey. Not so sure about that though... Drink water? Chew gum? Brush my teeth?

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