October 11, 2009

Dinner with Godparents

Growing up my Godparents were a big part of my life. Mum had been friends with them since she was 15 and she is also Godmother to both their daughters. Our families met more or less every or every other Friday night. The grown ups playing cards and putting money in a jar which were going to be used at our annual summer holiday. We kids watched TV, ate hot dogs and candy and eventually fell asleep on the sofa or in someone's bed.

Midsummer and New Year's Eve, the same thing. Always together and of course the two weeks every summer. Looking back it was a the best of times. Very happy and innocent time (the 70's and early 80's). After dad died we all grow apart. The adults were not two couples any more and we were becoming teenagers and starting to have our own lives.

We still met at big occasions such as birthday, graduations and so on and every time it felt like we hadn't been a part. We started talking right where we left off the last time even though it might been a year since the last time.

Yesterday we all met at Mum's for dinner and I realised walking over there that I hadn't seen my Godparents since I turned 30 which was quite some time ago (7 years to be exact). Then I almost cried when they surprisingly showed up. So yesterday when seeing them at the parking lot I choked up and felt such a joy and love that they have and still are part of my life.

The hours just went by and we all talked and talked. Old memories and stories of course, but also more serious things such as illness and that life isn't always fair. Today I can't stop smiling. Whenever I think about yesterday my heart fills with joy and I feel so happy and blessed. They will always be part of me and who I am.

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