October 29, 2009

Like mother, like daughter

Researchers have now find the truth behind the saying - Like mother, like daughter.
Experts found that the faces of mothers and daughters wrinkle and sagging in exactly the same "pattern" as they get older.

They scanned the faces of mothers and daughters and saw that the skin and soft tissues-especially around the eyes – showed the same pattern of wasting away and loss of elasticity.

The similarity becomes most apparent when the daughter reaches their mid-30s claimed the researchers who presented their findings at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons conference in Seattle, Washington.
Quite fascinating I think. According to the researchers it has do with the fact that a woman's face changes form from oval to square as the skin sags. But also of course it has to do with genes. If you mother started to get wrinkles early then you will most likely too. Also if you skinny and your skin slowly is starting to sag it will show more than if you're curvy. So I guess I should be happy then. Good genes (Thank you Mum!) and curvy which means for a woman in her late 30's (Eek!) I don't have that many wrinkles. Something to think about the next time I try on something that doesn't fit well...

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