November 01, 2009

It's dark again

Turning back the clock last weekend and November starting today my lest favourite part of the year has started.

It's the same every year. The first couple of days I'm almost afraid of the dark until I realise that nothing has changed besides it getting dark early. Then I just want to stay inside. Find a safe spot on the sofa, curl up under a blanket and eat. Food, cookies and candy. Everything that's not good for you but makes you feel good (at least for a while). Plain comfort eating. I'm also constantly tired no matter how much I sleep. It's like the energy that I have collected over the year is used up and now I'm just making it day by day.

Four more weeks until the Christmas lights come out. As always I'll make it, but I can't help wondering if things would be easier if there was no November. But then I would probably hate October or December...

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