November 03, 2009

Tartan Noir

I've never become a fan of Ian Rankin and his Inspector Rebus, instead I have loved reading Denise Minas's novels taking place in Glasgow. I read the Garnethill trilogy a long time ago and when I was in Glasgow two years ago and saw a sign saying Garnethill I just had to walk up that street and hill.

The last weeks or so I've been reading the novels about Paddy Meehan. Another one of Denise Mina's likeable female heroes working in a world dominated by men. Set in the 1980's and early 1990 the trilogy is also about the transition Glasgow went through during and after the Thatcher years. I'm too young to remember any if, or really I remember seeing Thatcher on TV but not what was going on. And it's actually only 25 years ago.

Tonight I will start reading the latest book of Denise Mina – Still midnight – which I hope is as good as the other ones. And again it's female hero, this time a police detective doing her best in a man's world. It's never easy...

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