November 15, 2009

The lost symbol

Finished reading The lost symbol this afternoon and unfortunately I can't say I was very impressed. I've read all the other books by Dan Brown and found The Da Vinci code quite spectacular, but this book was just dull. About halfway through I realised the story followed the exact pattern as the other books featuring Robert Langdon. The usual unexpected twists and turns made me continue to read, but when I was done that was it. Nothing that made me think or wonder. Just another book to put on the shelf.

I think Dan Brown has become a victim of his own success. The Da Vinci code is one of the most read and spread books every and it's not possible to repeat a success like that. Everything else you write will be compared and scrutinised down to the last letter. So I guess one could call this book entrainment for the moment. Just like a blockbuster movie.

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