November 17, 2009

School fire

The school I went to in 7-9th grade got burned down to the ground in the early hours of Saturday. The only remaining building is the sports centre which wasn't attached to the rest of the school. About 400 students do no longer have a school to go to and the same goes for all the teachers. Tragic!

It's been almost 21 years since I left that school, but it will always be "my school" so besides the whole thing being tragic I also feel sad and wonder how anybody would come up with the idea, let's burn down the school.

When I read about the fire on Saturday morning I could more or less immediately remember how the hallways looked like, the orange chairs in the canteen, the paintings on the walls, the lockers and teenage life back in the 80's. I thought about teachers and people I hadn't thought about in years and I could even remember that distinct smell outside the chemistry lab. Amazing, isn't it? What actually is stored in our memory and how one thing can trigger some many vivid things to come back.

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