December 17, 2009

Uses for a man

Being a hardcore single gal sometimes makes me forget that that are actually plenty of good uses for a man. And this is of course all said in good spirit... Guys, what would we do without you? You're the best.

Bringing you tea in bed in the mornings

Forgetting your anniversary, but then wildly overcompensating with a completely over-the-top gesture, preferably involving diamonds

Lending you (often without knowing it) a razor

Explaining the rules of cricket, slowly and in words of one syllable, every two years

Looking nice in a dinner suit. Every man has an inner James Bond

Removing dead mice from the house

Alphabetising your record collection

Being able to wear the same pair of shoes for 25 years before buying a new pair

Warming the bed

Making those trips to Ikea such a stress-free delight

If not exactly fixing the car, then at least looking purposeful until the AA turns up

Ordering a lovely big bowl of chips in a restaurant which you then eat most of — without, of course, having actually ordered any yourself

Mixing the perfect gin and tonic

Having more hair on his legs than you

Doing up the zip on your dress

Opening jars (as loosened by you)

Presenting Top Gear.

Diving, in exotic destinations

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