December 15, 2009

Another photo to be used

I've been uploading my photos to Flickr for about 4 years now. Just as a safe way to store them besides on a remote disk, and of course it's a great way to share the photos with family and friends.

Every now and then I get requests asking if a special photo can be used on different sites and ever time I get so surprised. My Creative Commons license is set to Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works, but I know that many, many (too many) don't asks so I find that very nice. Secondly I'm not a professional photographer I just snap photos of things I like either it's a building, cow or person, and still people still like what I'm doing. That is so cool and of course always a boost to the ego.

This photo I snapped on very hot day walking down Avenue Jean M├ędecin in Nice. I just happened to see the reflection of the cathedral and had to take a photo.

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