January 12, 2010

Starting over. Again

I went back to the gym yesterday. First time since late October. Yes, it's that time of the year. To start over. Again. A new year, new start and all that. I would love my motivation to last forever or at least to the summer but have a feeling I will stray off as soon as I hit an obstacle. Again. I'm very good at repeating things aren't I?! Well, someone said it takes 7-8 times doing things before it turns into a habit. Would that work with falling off the wagon as well?

Seriously though, I felt rather good about myself last night and this morning my trousers felt loser already. Not possible I know, but it's the thought that counts... Happy and positive thoughts that keep me going. Happy and positive thoughts that makes me think working out is a habit I can't live without. Just like food and fresh air.

Happy thoughts and good habits for the new year. Let's try. Again.

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