February 21, 2010

Strained ankle

Stupid snow. Stupid ice. Stupid ankle.

Being snowed in yesterday and not being able to take the train to go and see the best 3 year old in the world and celebrate her uncle's 30th birthday I was forced to go the shop. Since the plan had been to be away all weekend the fridge was pretty much empty. And of course having been snubbed a great weekend away with friends and family I deserved some nice and comforting food as well... And wine... Talking to the best 3 year old in the world's mum she was telling me about the wine, cheese and other goodies she had bought just because I was coming and how much she had looked forward to a late evening on the sofa catching up. Stupid Mother Nature!

Even though the shop is only 5 minutes away getting there was quite an adventure. After opening the front door I was standing in snow up to my knees. Mind you I'm quite tall (1,75 cm/5'8 ft) Trudging around the corner I had my first fall and I just laughed since it was so soft. A guy a couple of meters in front of me fell as well and we just laughed. The wind was pretty bad and it was snowing heavily as well. We continued our journey through the drifts and then I fell again. This time it wasn't fun. I had either stepped on a patch of ice or something uneven and now my ankle hurt real bad.

Having strained my ankle I don't know how many times and even had surgery to shorten one of the ligaments because it had been too stretched I know exactly what had happened. [Insert swearwords] I limped along knowing that my pretty tight boot would help a bit, and that I needed food. At the shop I felt like screaming for each step, but I didn't. Superwoman... When queuing up to pay, which took forever, I started to tremble and I'm sure the cashier thought I had a bad case of hangover. Walking home took forever since I tried to find a way or path that had been cleared. Unfortunately no luck, so I probably walked an extra block. Back in my building the lift didn't work. Three floors have never felt so long...

Finally in my flat I almost didn't dare to look at my ankle. The the outside bump had doubled in size and the part above the ankle was pretty swollen as well. It's in situations like this I hate living by myself, but what to do? You just cope. So heavy bandage, elevation and plenty of rest. I've kept a pair of crutches in the closet in case of, and now I'm using them again. Sigh!

With all the snow there's is no way I will be able to get to work tomorrow so another day of working from home. (With more snow on its way, it feels rather OK) Maybe on Tuesday I will be able to walk with just one crutch since the ankle has improved tremendously just in one day. But no running or long walks for a while. For exercise it's back to bike, which I hate having done it so much over the years, but it is easy on the ankle. And just as the best 3 year old in the world said the other day – You're old, Cathy.

So easy does it.


CDR said...

ooo good luck on the ankle. Just passing by. Hope its not weird. Come on over when you have a chance. Subscribe as well if my material interest you. Thanks!

Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle! You're not old - the ice is just slick. Lord knows I've fallen many times on the ice at all ages! I hope it's doing a bit better. I prescribe a liberal dose of wine. :)