February 23, 2010

Detective Inspectors

I have always had a thing for British crime and mystery stories. (It's the Anglophile in me again...) Compared to American ones the stories have a special feel to it, even if the stories are horrifying sometimes. Don't know if it has to do with the fact that British police rarely carry weapons. Even the DIs and DCIs. Neither do the the boobies, which I found rather comforting. Of course all of them carry a weapon if they have to, but using it is not the first thing that comes in mind.

My favourite has always been Inspector Lynely. I mean he's a lord and all. On top of that he's rich and handsome, has nice estate in Cornwall, nice flat in London, but most of all he's passionate about his work and I have feeling that if he could choose he wouldn't be a lord. I really like his assistant Sargent Havers as well. They are a good couple and over the years they have learnt from each other that thing aren't always what you think they are.

Another couple is Dalziel and Pascoe. How is it not possible not to love the true Yorkie Andy Pascal and his assistent Peter Pascoe? You just have to. And of course DI Jack Frost with a heart of gold, loves curry and puts all the bad guys in the nick. What a detective!

My latest favourite DI is Tom Thorne created by Mark Billingham. Set in London the stories are usually very dark and terrifying, sometimes even gorey. I love the fact that DI Thorne lives in my old stomping ground Kentish Town and Camden and when he gets take away at The Bengal Tiger I'm pretty sure what Indian restaurant it's suppose to be. The books tell the story of a city that I love but the dark side of it, something you really don't want to talk about. Somehow I think it's pretty good to know that there is dark side of the city as well. Even though it's still just fiction. I also love that Tom Thorn is opinionated and strongheaded and sometimes goes his own ways. Just like me. Maybe one of the reasons why I like the books so much. Or maybe it's just the bookworm in me who loves a good story and the feeling of total relaxation when reading.

Anyhow I love my DIs and can't wait until there a new book out with any of them.

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Nija said...

Hi. If you're still interested in Tom Sharpe haunts, in Chapter 6 of Sleepyhead Thorne states that he lives in Ryland Road, Kentish Town. As regards his favourite Indian restaurant, The Bengal Lancer is a real restaurant at 253 Kentish Town Road.