March 21, 2010

Sinusitis and bronchitis

My cold from last week never really went away so on Friday I decided to visit the doctor. I had a feeling I might have sinusitis and needed some antibiotics, so when the doctor which looked a lot like an older Dr Ross with salt and pepper hair, told me that yes you have sinusitis but you also have bronchitis I got very surprised. How the heck did I manage that? Not that I didn't have the symptoms like heavy cough, shortness of breath and wheezing but comes with a cold, right? Apparently not... He also took my temperature and told me that he was very surprised I was still standing. Hm, what else is there to do?!

Armed with three different prescriptions I went to closet chemist's where the pharmacist looked at the prescriptions and then at me saying - You must be real ill, this is quite some medicine the doctor has prescribed. Two sorts of pills and codeine cough syrup.

Finally at home again I took the pills and cough syrup and fell asleep. Woke up for a while and had some frozen pizza and fell asleep again on the sofa. By 9 in the evening I decided to go to bed and woke up at 8 yesterday morning. I spent most of yesterday reading, watching movies and sleeping some more. This morning I woke up at 7 and felt quite well. I can breath without wheezing, sinuses and nose aren't stuffed and cough is almost gone. Yeah! I still have to eat the full course of pills until Thursday, but that really doesn't t matter as long as I'm getting better and I am. Yeah again! It's those little things that really counts...

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