April 11, 2010

Finally spring

Spring has finally arrived with sunny days, cold nights and streets filled with grit that need to be removed. So far no green on the trees yet, but it will come (and so will my allergies...)

As usual I'm not really sure what clothes to wear. The black winter coat is too heavy (besides in the chilly mornings) and my beige spring coat is still too thin and too summery (at least in my mind). No white and light coloured clothes before May and all that...

Shoes, well that's a bit easier. Boots are getting too warm and I have plenty of sensible spring (and autumn) shoes, but really who wants to wear sensible shoes when spring finally is here? Found a cute pair of red shoes last weekend and even if they probably are too springlike I wear them with proud a along with my black winter coat. Halfway there, just a spring itself.

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