April 13, 2010

The Stepmothers' support group

Trying to keep up the good and very relaxing habit of reading a bit every weekend I started reading Sam Baker's The Stepmothers' support group on Saturday.

A couple of chapters into the book I was on my way to quite because it really felt like yet another chicklit book. A genre that I'm not very found of any more. Marian Keyes is still of course the Queen of chicklit though. But then suddenly the book got more depth and I couldn't stop reading (might have been that lovely spot on the sofa in the sunshine...)

What if the the love of your life came with kids attached? A situation that wouldn't be totally unreal for me considering my age. What to do and how to treat the kids? The kids that always will come first, not you. Also remembering how I felt when mum found a new partner after dad died when I was in my teens. It's difficult for all parties involved.

The book doesn't give any big insights on those questions, but it gives you a feeling that you're not alone. Stepmother, stepfather or stepchild - other's have been in your shoes before. Great friends who can lend you an ear or two over coffee and wine is also of course good. Definitely a good read that made me think a bit differently upon the whole stepmother/stepchild thing.

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Beth Nywening said...

Agree with you about Mirian Keyes - she's a cut above the rest. Thanks for the recommendation. That books sounds like a good one. have a great weekend. :)