April 15, 2010

Home sweet home

The road show around Scandinavia, Germany and Poland is finally over. Did Oslo yesterday and then took the ferry down to Denmark and Frederikshavn. Arriving at 07:30 this morning we started one hour later and probably pulled of the best presentation ever. We have had a bit of practice by now...

By 14:00 it was time to board another ferry. This time only for 3 hours going back to Gothenburg and Sweden. It has been a fun tour thanks to the company of two other colleagues, (two other chatty women in their mid-30's) but also of course tiring. Travelling for work always is, no matter what people think.

Next business trip is May and London for two days. Before that though, it's time to visit the best 3-year-old (soon 4 year-old not to forget) and her parents next weekend.

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