May 06, 2010

Rosé wines

When rosé wines made a comeback some years ago I wasn't really impressed. To me it was just bad white wine with a splash of red. Then last summer I went to Provence and the French Rivera and of course fell in love with good old fashioned French rosé which everybody drinks at all occasions. Back home I tasted and tried a lot of different rosé wines, and rather quickly learnt that I'm an old fashion girl who wants old fashion and old world rosé wines.

On Wednesday last week it was time for another great wine tasting at Göteborgs Vinkällare. This time rosé wines and I was of course very curious if I could find some new favourites. I sort of did, but of course it was a French wine from Languedoc

Rotari Rosé
Sparkling rosé from my favourite "false or budget champagne" brand. Pale orangery pink colour. Fruity smell of wild strawberries and bread. The taste is rather dry and again you can feel the wild strawberries and bread. Not a very complex taste.

Louis Bouillot Crémant de Bourgogne Rosé Brut
Another "budget champagne" that can brighten up any boring day. Light pale pink colour. Quite strong smell of red berries and bread. Also hints of butterscotch in the end. The taste is dry and rather crisp. The red berries and bread can also be found.

Esprit du Silène Coteaux du Languedoc
Pink colour with a smell of raspberries, red currant and herbs. Dry taste with crisp berries and herbs. A typical French rosé wine according to our host and my favourite from the evening. I have already bought a bottle to try.

Marqués de Cáceres Rosado 2009
Pink colour with smells of berries, wild strawberries and herbs. Dry taste with lots of strawberries and herbs. Quite close to the French one, which is not so surprising since they are both from the old word. This is wine might feel a bit heavier though since it's made from Tempranillo.

Regatta Bay Rosé Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Grenache 2009
Dark pink colour. Reminds me of Gran's home made raspberry lemonade. A rather strong smell of berries, particular red currants and strawberries ending with a hint of herbs. The taste is rather sweet and berry, almost artificial like in some chewy sweets.

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