May 09, 2010

Stupid allergies

Feeling whiny and annoyed today all due to stupid allergies. As a teen I had rather mild hay fever, but it got me out of moving the lawn. During my 20's the allergies more or less disappeared but started to make a slow comeback after I turned 30 and crescendoed last spring with an very unexpected and scary asthma attack. Armed with strong prescribed allergy meds I made it through the spring and summer. This year spring was rather late, but sure thing it was time to bring out the meds as soon as it was starting to turn green outside.

I hate feeling like an old lady huffing and puffing and having to catch my breath whenever I do something other than just sitting down. Not being able to breath properly makes me tired. Sleeping usual means I wake up with a very dry mouth as I end up sleeping with my mouth open since my nose is stuffed.

Told you I'm cranky today... And feeling somewhat sorry for myself... Ice cream maybe...

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PixieMum said...

I can sympathise so much with your difficulties with allergies! I was in my forties when asthma was diagnosed and this explained why strong perfumes like Youth Dew gave me a headache and why some flowers made me snuffly. Was snuffly at my own wedding, it wasn't the emotions but the bouquet.

Visit the asthma nurse at your GP practice, be a bit pushy (not easy I know with symptoms that come & go). Because we cannot always see the same GP I saw a different Doctor who said "We must sort this out", and after X-rays locally was sent to the Brompton Hospital where asthma was deemed to be mild, but an MRI scan showed I had bronchiectasis. It was assumed that I'd had TB, although I wasn't aware of that.

However, with exercises given by the Brompton physiotherapist and the correct medication (Symbicort and Ventolin) I am managing a reasonable life. Most difficult is climbing steep inclines and too many flights of stairs. More than two and its a lift for me. Usually manage 6 miles with our walking group in flattish countryside.

My best wishes, you may like to look at the British Lung Foundation site and consider joining their local Breathe Easy Group for informal advice and help.

Best wishes,