May 27, 2010

When single becomes unmarried

A bit of debate has started in the US after Elena Kagan's appointment to the Supreme Court. The youngest person ever been appointed to the bench, former White House council, Dean of Harvard Law School and now Solicitor General. What I call a very successful woman. But suddenly there is a problem. There is no man or husband standing next to. And low and behold maybe she's even gay.

Since when did this become a problem? Since when is not OK to be a very successful woman and be single? That doesn't really matter does it? It's not the man or husband making her successful? The White House was so afraid about speculations so they even said she was unmarried. Unmarried as being a spinster. Not the fun loving and spirited single. Unmarried meaning left out.

Maureen Dowd in New York Times is spot on in her observation:
Men, generally more favored by nature as they age, can be single at all ages. But often, for women, once you’re 40 or 50, or simply beyond childbearing age, you’re no longer single. You’re unmarried — meaning it isn’t your choice to be alone.
I find it both fascinating and upsetting that still now in the 21st century a womea need to have a man by her side to be a real woman. It would never happen to a man.

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