May 25, 2010


Being in in London last week also of course meant that the foodie in me got to have some real nice meals.

I've always wanted to see Kensington Rooftop Gardens, but it's really not something you do on your first, second or even third or fourth visit. But having been to London more than 30 times now I thought it was about time. Looking into opening times I found out that there was a restaurant on the 7th floor called Babylon which looked rather nice. A quick chat with cousin and we had made reservations for Friday lunch.

Dressed like ladies who lunch (and not tour London) we spent the morning at Harrods and Harvey Nick's before heading over to Kensington High Street and the entrance on Derry Street.

The lift whisked us up to the 7th floor very quickly where a lovely Maître d' showed us to our table next to the windows with a fabulous view over London. Soon our waiter showed up and asked if would like to start with a pink champagne cocktail. And of course we would. It's not every Friday you sit on top of the world, or at least on top of Kensington High Street and sip champagne.

Cousin decided to go with grilled fillet of sea bream, wilted spinach, peas, white wine cream sauce and to drink a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Myself I decide to have roasted fillet of beef, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, caramelized red onion in balsamic sauce. To drink I went with a glass of Grenache from the Rhone Valley.

Both dishes were excellent and as two foodies we savoured every bit of it. The wine was perfect as well and we felt rather spoiled just sitting there eating, drinking and watching people and the view.

For desert we both decided to have the rhubarb cheesecake which was just perfect. The tart rhubarbs matched the velvety cream cheese to a tee which also had some hints of vanilla. Mmm!

Two hours later cousin and I left very happy and a bit giggly. Champagne on a Friday lunch can do that to you... Lunch had been exquisite and now it was time to hit the shops on Kensington High Street before more bubblies and laughter.

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PixieMum said...

May I recommend the restaurant in Peter Jones for lunch, especially if you have a table by the window.

There are beautiful views f London, it can be fun trying to recognise familiar buildings. A very good place too for long chatty lunches with friends as the staff never appear to chase diners away.

Regards, Madeleine