June 06, 2010

National Day

Today is Sweden's National day, i.e. our 4th of July or Bastille Day, and we should all be out there celebrating, but we are not. The day has only been a public holiday for the last 5 years and today when it falls on a Sunday there is no different feel to the day at all. Most people are still off anyway.

So why don't we celebrate, wave flags and look at parades? I really don't know but I guess since we have been one country for so long and not in a war since the 1750's we take things for granted. That is on the other hand a great reason to celebrate, but no we don't do that. Sweden is after all the the land of lagom (not too much and not too little, just somewhere in the middle – lagom)

Despite my sometime bad attitude towards Sweden I was born and raised here and have more or less lived here all my life, and I do love my country. It's home and I'm proud of being Swedish. It's a beautiful place and we have come up with some real smart things during the years, and some things not so smart.... Just like any other country.

So happy 6th of June!

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