June 08, 2010

A vintage affair

Over the weekend I finished reading A vintage affair by Isabel Wolff. For the last couple of years I've haven't read that much chick lit since I find it rather silly to be honest. It's always the same plot and same character, only different authors. From time to time though I still give it a try though, especially if the plot sounds interesting and different. A vintage affair was just like that. A cute feel good book with a different setting and plot where the heroin actually stood up for herself.

Phoebe has just opened her own vintage shop in Blackheath. Very soon she comes in contact with Mrs Bell, an old lady who's selling all of her vintage wardrobe besides a blue coat. The blue coat has a very special and moving story which Mrs Bell piece by piece tells Phoebe. Phoebe, still only in her early 30's, has also a story to tell and together the two women help each other to let go of the past, find redemption and new beginnings.

It's a sweet and sometimes moving story that for a couple of hours give you wonderful world to escape to. A typical Sunday afternoon read on the sofa together with some tea and biscuits or chocolates.

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