June 10, 2010

Short trip to London

Arrived on Tuessday night because of a threathening pilot strike for Wednedsay morning and leaving later tonight. All in all about 48 hours in my favourite city. Most of them have been work related unfortunately, but I did managed to visit the Apple Store on Regent Street for some new earphones for my iPod and spend a fortune at Rigby & Peller.

Luxury lingerie has lately become one of my downfalls (along with handbags and shoes). Blessed with a big chest it's hard work to find brands that are both comfortable and make you feel good about yourself. There are a couple of stores at home, but I love going to Rigby & Peller as their range is so much larger. Also it's rather nice to say you buy your lingerie at the same shop as the Queen.


PixieMum said...

My daughter has a similar size problem to you and she shops for underpinnings, blouses and dresses at Bravissimo.

Their products are available in their shops and on line. Pixie prefers to buy in the shops so she can try them on rather than the kerfuffle of sending illfitting garments back.

Hope this helps next time you are in my city.


Cathy said...

Thanks for the tip!

I've been to Bravissimo a couple of times both in London (Covent Garden) and Glasgow, but didn't find the staff very helpful. Will give it a new try at a different location though. Just looked at their website and there a plenty of things I would like to try