June 20, 2010

A Royal Wedding

The Swedish Crown-Princess Victoria finally got her prince yesterday. Daniel Westling who she met at the gym 8 years ago and people were rather reluctant to in the beginning. A personal trainer?! Well, the sports geek and PT has gone through quite a transformation and as of yesterday afternoon he is now HRH Prince Daniel, married to the Crown-Princess of Sweden.

The media frenzy had of course been totally crazy and until yesterday I had done my best to avoid it all. My plan for yesterday was even that I was going to do things around the house with the TV on and give it a glance or two when passing by. O boy was I wrong, or what?! I turned on the TV around 15 and got totally sucked in by watching all the European Royalties arriving and checking out what the Swedish MP were wearing (some stuff were real hideous).

When the Queen, Prince, Princess and Groom arrived I was glued to the TV. No way I was going to iron or tidy up. And then she came along with her father the King. Oh my God, she was so beautiful and totally glowing. When she and her soon-to-be husband walked the last bit to the alter I started crying. Having read comments on both Facebook and Twitter I was not the only crying. So beautiful and just like a in a fairytale. When then one of Sweden's most recognised singers started to sing a song which in normal circumstances would have been a rather cheesy love song I cried like a baby. The couple were just glowing and you could tell how much they are in love.

While the newly-weds travelled through Stockholm in an open carriage and on the Royal Sloop to the Palace I managed to start making dinner running back and forth to the TV. Quite amazingly Swedish Television had got permission to broadcast the dinner, the speeches, the cutting of the cake and the wedding waltz. Something pretty unique. They were not allowed to show when they were eating, but the food arriving and leaving.

The King was first out speaking and he got very personal starting with wishing the Queen happy anniversary and giving her a rose since it was their 34th wedding anniversary. The Queen thanked him with kissing him on the cheek which is very rare. Next one to speak was the Father of Groom and I think we all felt rather sorry for thinking about the audience. Giving a speech on your son's wedding can be difficult enough without kings and queens from all over the world listening. But he did a great and you could tell he was used to speak in public. Finally it was time for the Groom to speak, and what a speech it was. Both in English and Swedish he spoke about what an amazing woman the Crown-Princess was and how she had transformed the frog into a prince. He ended with saying that the greatest of all is love and that he loved his new wife so much. Again I was crying and people at the dinner actually gave him standing ovations. Quite amazing!

The 3, 30 m tall wedding cake was cut about midnight and than the dance began. The couple looked marvellous on the dance floor and soon after the King and Queen entered the floor as well. Them dancing in public has never happened before so it was a bit of a historical moment. The broadcast ended with most of the Royalties dancing and according to media the party went on until about 6 o'clock this morning. That's what I call a wedding!

Talking to friends and family today I think we all got very taken with the wedding and showing of emotions in public, but most of all that couple looked so much in love and simply were glowing throughout the day.

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