June 27, 2010

Summer clothes

Since the warm weather finally has arrived it was time to go through the closet and see what summer clothes I actually have. I've been dreading doing it since the long and cold winter hasn't been very good to me weight wise. And yes I was right. Many things were tight already last summer so now they didn't fit at all. I'm very sad to say that I do not have any skirts at all that fit. I could probably use one or two of them if I really have to and cover up the tight waist with a big top.

Just for the fun of it I tired on a dress I bought especially for a date in London 4 years ago. Couldn't zip it up all which was a bit depressing, but since since the dress has been too small the last two years I could live with it. What got me thinking though was that I remember buying that dress and thinking that I was big since it was size 12. Hm, since when is size 12 big?!

The only summer dress that fit me was an old one from the time before I lost all my weight (which after 6 years I have now gained back). I'm not really sure why I've kept it all these years, probably because I loved it and still does. Also I love the way makes me feel wearing it. Slim and somewhat sexy.

So yes I'm back where I started 8 years ago and spent 2 long years taking off. Sad, but true. Ready to do it again? Not sure, even though writing this post and going through my closet probably have planted some sort of seed in my brain saying that it's time. You've done it before, you can do it again.

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