June 15, 2010

To read is to relax

I finally took the time to read on my flight to London last week. Back in the days when I went to Paris more or less every or every other week I read from the minute I sat down until we landed. Arriving with clear and refreshed mind after having been lost in a book for the last two hours. Now when going to London I sit down and immediately my mind start racing about things I need to do. From time to time I also have company when going to London which probably is the major reason why I don't read.

This time I was alone and going out already on Tuesday night I decided to read. Being bumped up to business class because of the late change I also got some food and wine. Something that probably made the experience even nicer... But the best thing, which I had forgotten all about what, was that I felt so relaxed arriving at the airport. A long queue at customs or the bags taking forever to arrive didn't bather me at all. I think I spent the whole evening with a smile on face just feeling good.

I did the same thing going home. Traffic was a nightmare going to Paddington and I just made it through security before it was time to board. Talk about feeling stressed. Then finally onboard I brought out my book and voila five minutes later I was deep into the story and could almost feel the stress melting away.

So big note to self – Remember to read. To read is to relax

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