July 13, 2010

Gone travelling

Well, almost. Leaving tomorrow morning for London for a full week. The last trips to London have been great, but now I'm very tired of playing tour guide and show people the "must" sights. By myself I can do whatever I feel like and find those little gems tourists usually don't find. It's also an excellent way to learn more about the city, a city that never stops to fascinate me

I also plan to go on day trips to Brighton (where I haven't been in 23 years), Cambridge and Winchester. Kew Gardens and Hampton Court Palace are also on my agenda. Of course I'm going to catch up with friends both old and new and hopefully get to eat and drink some really nice things.

It's the 4th year I'm going away by myself for a week. Very empowering and probably in some people's eyes a bit egocentric, but the loner in me find it wonderful.

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