July 11, 2010


Almost traditionally I've started the first days of my holidays with reading. A great way to relax and leave the working world behind. Yesterday I sat outside most of the day. Both in the sun and later on in the shadow along with a cold drink. An excellent start to my time off. Today I've been doing the same between the T-showers and making a cake (Almost 30 C outside and an oven going wasn't that smart but cake turned out well...)

Notes from an exhibition - Patrick Gale
When bipolar artist Rachel Kelly dies she leaves behind not only paintings but also unanswered questions that needs answers. As her husband and children start looking for answers they soon find out more than they really wanted. Their wife and mother was a gifted artist with many haunting demons.

This book got me mesmerized just as Gale's book The whole day through did last summer. The characters are so well chiselled out and as a reader you feel like you know what each of them think and should do. Gale is also very good at writing about family dynamics and all the twists that surrounds every day life.

Leaving this world - Douglas Kennedy
On her 13th birthday Jane Howard decided that she would never get married and have children, but as we all know life is random. Many years later Jane is is both in love and pregnant. When several tragic events occur Jane knows no other way than to leave this would.

Douglas Kennedy has always been good at creating complex female characters and describing intense depression without getting bogged down in it. This book is no exception. Compared to A special relationship which I read 5 years ago and still remember, the storyline is a little bit too long and lack that little extra that makes just want to read and read. But on the other hand you still want to know what's going to happen.

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