July 06, 2010

The Princess of Shoreditch

As usual being in London the foodie in me had to get something too. Browsing through Time Out's list of good places to have Sunday lunch in east London I found The Princess of Shoreditch located on the border of the City/Shoreditch not very far from Old Street tube station.

Not trusting my A-Z map I looked up the directions on how to get there on Google Maps which meant I dragged my friends all through the backstreet of a not so good part of the City. Well, it was daylight and we "just" ran into two very hangover/drunk men, but we saw both bloodstains and other not so pleasant remains. Using A-Z on our way back to Liverpool Street station we just walked down Great Eastern Street and turned around the corner to Shoreditch High Street/Bishopsgate. From now on I will go back to totally trust the A-Z map and common sense. That worked for me long time before Google Maps...

We had made reservations in the dining room upstairs but decided to stay in the pub. Hauling suitcases up and down stairs are never fun regardless of the size of the suitcase. They also served exact the same food downstairs as upstairs so there was really no reason not to do it. The pub has recently been refurbished but the Victorian style has been left untouched and the whole place feels very welcoming and friendly. Still your friendly neighbourhood pub but with some extra love and care.

It has been ages since I has proper English roast for Sunday lunch and I actually think the last one was one of those horrifying things with overcooked greens. Having looked at the menu before making a reservation (that's why I'm called a foodie...) I knew that they served a 28 day aged Irish sirloin roast with all trimmings. We all decided to go with that and we were definitely not disappointed. The roast was perfect and slightly pink in the middle. The duck fat roasted potatoes magnificent and the other greens just boiled long enough to still be crispy.

Loving French rosé wine in the summer time to meals I had a glass of Rosé Domaine de Montauberon 2008 (Grenache and Syrah blend can never be wrong). My friends went with Nelson Estate Chardonnay 2005 from South Africa since they not big fans of rosé wines. (They don't know what they are missing out on...)

With hardly no room left for desert we decided to share a selection of Artisan cheese served with apricot chutney. Just perfect bite sizes to get that wonderful feeling of having enjoyed a wonderful meal.

Happy and satisfied we then said goodbye to the very nice waitress walked over to Liverpool Street station to start our journey home. Another great girls' weekend and another lovely food memory for me.

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