July 05, 2010

A wonderful weekend

Got back from (another) fabulous weekend in London late last night. Not only was it the annual girls’ weekend, but I also got to see part of my extended Texas family I haven’t seen in 18 years.

We’ve been doing the girls’ weekend for four years now. A lot of fun where we stay at some posh hotel in the City which hardly costs anything because it’s the weekend and then we go shopping, drink wine, have plenty of laughs, nice dinners and just enjoy ourselves. We try to book right after Christmas so the whole trip is almost like a bargain (at least before we go shopping…)

In April I found out that the daughter and grand-daughter of the my landlady back in Texas where going to be in London that exact same time. I used to babysit the grand-daughter and her kid brother from time to time as well as driving and picking her up from kindergarten a couple of times. Her mother (landlady’s daughter) was about my current age back then and she used to vouch for us in bars/restaurants since we were not yet 21. They really were a big and fun loving family and over the years we have managed to keep in touch.

I have to admit I was actually a bit nervous before seeing them. 18 years is a long time, but when I arrived at my hotel and they were already there it felt like it was yesterday I had left Texas. We spent the afternoon talking and wandering around the City looking at the Tower, the Monument and St Paul's before having dinner down in St Katherine's Dock. We said goodbye a a bit after midnight since they were getting up early to catch the train for Bath, but I'm pretty sure that if it had been possible we could easily have stayed up all night talking.

It was so good to see them and I'm a bit amazed that we just started off were we left 18 years ago. But on the other hand it just shows how really good friends we became. We promised each other that it will not take another 18 years until we meet again, and since they have now come to Europe it's really my turn to come to Texas.

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