August 08, 2010

Back to work

Amazing how quickly four weeks can pass by. Tomorrow it's time to go back to work and to the real world. As usual it doesn't sound very tempting and I have to admit that I felt rather anxious earlier this week thinking about it. Now, well I have a job and it's not as bad as I think. It will take a couple of days and then I'm back at things again. Also I have had a great month off. Great new memories with great people, great food and wine and most of all time to relax and wind down.

But really summer isn't over just because it's back to work. (Even though it feels so right now with pouring rain) The better part of August is left and September is usually rather nice too. Watching a film the other day set in a cold and crisp autumn's day actually got me longing a bit for autumn. At least those cold and crisp days, not the rain... Life goes on and so does the good things.

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