August 10, 2010

A bit of reading

As a great end to my summer holiday I spent most of the weekend reading. Raining and being rather cold it was totally OK to curl up on the sofa with a blanket and just read. One of the best things to do.

The brightest star in the sky
Marian Keyes is the Queen of chick-lit but this was not one of her better ones. The brightest star in the sky tells the story of the people living on 66 Start Street in Dublin. The soon 40 years old music exec, the happy couple (or so at least it looks like), the gardener who prefer plants to people and the female cabbie who shares a flat with two Polish guys. During some months we get to follow them and see how their life and stories to get interwoven together and in the end nothing will the same again.

As usual Keyes' characters are lovely, cosy and Irish and you just have to like them. Unfortunately the story lacks that extra fun and wit that has been Keyes' signature mark for her books. This book is just one of many other and does not stand out in the chick-lit flood.

Six friends from uni and their life through the 1990's and the Noughties. Six friends who got it all, families, friends and fortune and never thought things would change so quickly as it did in the autumn of 2008. Six friends who suddenly are hit by failure instead of success and that's when real life begins.

A funny and satirical take on the credit crunch and the British MPs allowance scandal, which they all were part of creating.

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